Before setting up Klarity HR Solutions, I enjoyed over 12 years working in HR, Change and Learning and Development roles for a number of European organisations in regulatory sectors including Airbus.  

Within Airbus I was a HR Business Partner during the crucial A380 development and launch and undertook my first Organisational Development role.  My brief was; ‘We need a first line manager programme which will make sure the learning sticks and will transform the business’. I managed and delivered this programme which was critically evaluated by the CIPD and features in the current CIPD Learning and Development Core Text.

I then undertook a number of HR Transformation roles within Airbus, implementing Lean Manufacturing principles within the HR function, helping to set up a HR Shared Services Centre and facilitating the smooth operation of the new HR Organisation. I have also worked in ‘stand alone’ roles in smaller organisations, gaining the full strategic to operational experience.

I have learned my trade by working alongside the UK and Global business leaders and have a good blend of HR practitioner, lean leadership, and business understanding which have all helped to shape my approach.

I have a proactive can-do attitude and work as a team with my clients to demonstrably improve performance and develop capability within organisations to maintain the business change. I often act as an advisor and sounding board to Senior Leadership Teams.

” Being in business it is important for me to deliver superb support to my clients enabling them to improve their performance. It is also really important to me that I give something back and I am so proud to be a volunteer for the RLSS.”


As a water sports enthusiast I am keen to encourage everyone to enjoy our amazing coast line and inland water ways, in a safe way.  Over 60% of the drownings in the Cheshire area occurred with people who did not intend to enter the water.  If you are on or near the water there are some very straightforward steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Here is a link to latest Water Safety advice from the RLSS. https://www.rlss.org.uk/Pages/Category/water-safety-information

I deliver free interactive and engaging talks to schools, youth groups and to clients during Workplace Safety Shares or Safety Stand-down events.  In 30 minutes, I will be able to share key information and insights to help your children and employees stay safe.  If you are interested in a free of charge presentation for your group or workforce please get in touch.

Photos taken from Newton Primary School, Chester during an Open Evening in July 2019.  Thank you to Jacqui Kelly for your support in organising.

klarity services

I recognise that flexibility is important.  I can and do work with clients in a range of ways;

At times working on a Consultancy basis I can help to provide an ‘outsider’s perspective’ to objectively understand what is happening, research internal and external best practice and provide key recommendations. 

Experienced in HR Project or Programme Management I can ‘act on your behalf’ providing expertise when you need it, including collaborating with internal stakeholders and external providers.  I believe that sustainability is crucial for change, and therefore I work with people in your organisation to maximise the transfer of learning through a comprehensive handover and development of your permanent in-house resource.

If you need support to ‘deliver or facilitate’ a workshop or learning event I have experience in all areas of design, development, facilitation and evaluation of interventions.

I have also supported clients on an Interim basis, providing an ‘extra pair of hands’ for maternity cover, or to provide additional support during major transition programmes. 

Klarity have been involved with exciting UK, European and Global projects. The Case Studies section will help to illustrate recent programmes and you can also visit the testimonials section to find out what clients think of my work.




To provide Klarity on the services I offer, I have established Klarity 4.0 HR, which delivers change management support for the successful adoption of Digital Technologies.  Please follow this link to learn more.