change management


The very nature of doing business today means that change is a constant reality to organisational life. The individuals in your organisation will need to transition, to flex, learn, and adapt, often loosening up the practices, structures, habits, and behaviours which have been successful in the past. I have managed many engaging change programmes such as introducing new ways of working like lean, new ERP organisation systems like SAP, or implementing a new organisation structure. My approach brings together the best change management practices with a pragmatic understanding of the realities of working in business today.


change management CASE STUDIES

The market has changed and our order book which lasted for years has gone. To survive the business needs to change both what we do and how we do it; we have to be pragmatic and not perfectionist. Can you help?

I worked alongside the business project team to develop clarity on the key changes required in mindset, knowledge, skills, and behaviours to enable the business to succeed.

I then led the design of a highly interactive, business simulation workshop aimed at creating a companywide understanding of the business and the importance of customer focus.

I have co-delivered the workshops to all employees helping to generate a line of sight for how their individual contributions deliver success in the new organisation.

Further work on the business ways of working will follow.


We have recently changed the HR function and moved to Ulrich 3 box model (Client Facing HR, Shared Service Centre and Centres of Expertise). Relationships between the HR functions are not good and the business customers are complaining about the service. Can you help?

Right from the start it was important to establish clarity of roles and responsibilities within the new structure. Once this had been agreed at a senior HR level a clear cascade throughout the HR organisation was delivered.

I ensured that throughout the Voice of the Customer was a constant focus. Devolving responsibility to the line managers is to expected however overloading line managers can ultimately damage the profitability of the organisation.

By creating a protocol for how continuous improvement ideas to HR Practices are launched ensured the impact on the ultimate customer was reduced, HR policies were developed with the end user in mind therefore building in efficiency and pragmatism.


We need to introduce a new Shared Service Centre and SAP to our subsidiaries. We are quite sure they will resist however we anticipate there should be significant cost savings are available and this supports our plan for greater centralisation. Can you help investigate and gain commitment to the idea?

Introduced the Heads of Business and HR for each of the subsidiaries to the principles of SAP and SSC, and gained their commitment for resources to support a feasibility study.

I then led a project team to establish a detailed analysis of the current state, legacy systems, HR processes and headcount. It was really important to retain commitment from the subsidiaries throughout the project.

The Project Team then created a full business case and transformation plan which was presented and approved by each of the subsidiaries and Head of Transformation.


change management testimonials

Karen is an exceptional professional consultant and excellent facilitator who will add value to any business looking to improve business processes, employee engagement and development. Karen has incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, using tried and trusted learning and development methods, as well as introducing new creative ideas to improve business processes and the development of people at all levels.
Continuous Improvement Manager
Survitec Group.
Karen is a highly motivated L&D professional. I have worked with her on the development and delivery of a culture change workshop within a corporate business transformation programme. She leaves nothing to chance when it comes to preparation but is also very flexible in adapting to the situation and aims for continuous improvement. Karen builds up good relationships with people which creates a lot of trust. She is a good presenter and with her enthusiasm she knows how to captivate people. I really enjoy working with her.
Commissioning Manager
Karen & I worked together as part of a large-scale Culture Change Programme at Airbus UK. What impresses me the most about Karen is her ability to successfully lead & seamlessly manage both the tactical & strategic aspects of her project work. Karen makes a positive personal connection with her work and achieves a high level of enthusiasm which quickly transmits to her team, peers & leaders. Coupled with such high standards of professionalism, Karen’s enduring qualities set her apart. Without a doubt, I would strongly recommend Karen to any team or organisation.
Lead Lean Consultant
Karen has a keen understanding of business, as well as people, and the impact of OD and HRD on the bottom line. She has helped to developed a highly effective partnership with me and my Oakridge colleagues, through her honesty, integrity and strong credibility.
Co-Founder and Consultant
Oakridge Training & Consulting
Karen is dynamic and resourceful in the field of learning and development. Knowledgeable in all areas interacting effectively with the workforce at all levels to introduce programmes to improve performance.
Emergency Planning and Fire and Rescue Services Manager